Athletics Starting Equipment

Before any race can start both the athlete and the official need equipment other than their athletic ability and running shoes. Here at Stadia Sports, we provide a wide range of athletics starting equipment to help ensure athletic events run smoothly, fairly and safely.


Starting equipment for athletes...

Our selection of starting equipment for athletes includes starting blocks and lane markers, These ensure that the athlete has a consistent start to the race as well as remaining within their allocated lane to make for a safe and fair race. Stadia’s variety of athletic training equipment includes the popular, high-quality Nordic Elite Starting Blocks.


Starting equipment for officials...

Alongside products for athletes themselves, we also provide athletic official equipment which officials can make good use of. For example in this range, we offer loud starting pistols which allow all athletes to hear when the race has begun. Stadia also supply starter stands to give them a better view ensuring all athletes adhere to the strict rules.

Stadia’s full range of athletics starting equipment can be used by anyone of any athletic ability, both professional and amateur athletes alike. Browse the full range of track and field equipment today and check out our athletic accessories.

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  1. Stadia Dynamic Starting Blocks
    Stadia Dynamic Starting Blocks
  2. Starting Block Carry Bag
    Starting Block Carry Bag
  3. Stadia Lane Marker Set (1 - 8)
    Stadia Lane Marker Set (1 - 8)
  4. Starting Block Trolley
    Starting Block Trolley
  5. 6mm Starting Pistol
    6mm Starting Pistol
  6. 6mm Starting Pistol Blanks
    6mm Starting Pistol Blanks
  7. Hand Held Air Horn
    Hand Held Air Horn
  8. Mini Megaphone
    Mini Megaphone
  9. Mechanical Starting Device
    Mechanical Starting Device
  10. Starters Rostrum / Stand
    Starters Rostrum / Stand
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