Shot Put Equipment

At Stadia Sports we’re proud to be the UK’s preferred supplier of the Nordic athletics shot put. Our range includes some of the best competition shot put and training shot put available. We carry the following weights of athletic shot put in stock: 7.26kg shot put, 6kg shot put, 5kg shot put, 4kg shot put, 3.25kg shot put, 3kg shot put, 2.72kg shot put, 2kg shot put,1kg shot put.


Competition shot put...

Our choice of competition shot put can be manufactured in stainless steel, brass, or turned steel. They’re all available in a variety of competition weights with a selection of these also available in different diameters to meet the individual athlete's requirements. Most of these competition shot puts are IAAF certified to ensure they meet competition requirements as well as training requirements.


Training shot put...

Our range of training shot put are manufactured from turned iron. Nordic produce these to such high quality that they can also be used for competition. All of our training shot put are colour coded to easily differentiate between the competition weights. This helps to ensure athletes use the correct shot for them and are less likely to injure themselves by throwing with the wrong shot put.

In addition to the turned iron shot put, we can offer a range of indoor shot put made from rubber. These are perfect for the indoor season or when outdoor weather is too poor to compete.


Shot put accessories...

Our athletics shot put equipment also includes all the key accessories such as chalk blocks and chalk bowls and an indoor shot mat in addition to shot put trolleys, carts and racks in order to move the shot around the track safely. View our range of athletics shot put below.

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