Javelin Throw

Stadia Sports are proud to be a preferred supplier of Nordic Javelins in the UK. Being the most technical piece of equipment in our athletics throwing range, we offer the best competition javelins in the world, available in all the competition weights. Looking for 'mini' javelins for children? They're in our PE equipment section.

Nordic javelins are the only complete range available that offer carbon fibre javelins, aluminium javelins and steel javelins. Such is the quality of these javelins: Nordic javelins have won more championship medals and have beaten more records than any others.

Our training javelins, also known as Comet javelins, are manufactured from aluminium and considered the ideal beginner's javelin and are perfect for volume throwing training. The Comet javelins are now an IAAF certified javelin and are made to the highest quality. Stadia offer competitive prices similar to that of a cheap javelin which would have a far lower specification. We carry the following weight javelins in stock: 800g javelin, 700g javelin, 600g javelin, 500g javelin and 400g javelin.

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