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Stadia Sports are proud to offer some of the finest quality track and field hurdles available in the UK. Our products are supplied by a range of leading athletic equipment manufacturers including Nordic Sport and ARH.


How do you know your hurdles are of high quality?

Let’s take a look at our hurdles. There are many versions of hurdles available from different athletics equipment suppliers throughout the UK and it's difficult to tell which hurdle is the best quality. Look at the following small details to help determine the highest quality hurdles:

  • The fixing of the leg to the top board needs to have a flat fixing, therefore, a round leg needs a plastic bush to stop the leg from twisting and eventually breaking the top board.
  • The top board on a hurdle is hollow and the addition of a small bush inside the space will eliminate the top board cracking when tightening the fixings. These may be minor additions but both extend the life of the hurdle and should be requested from your supplier.

Our range of Nordic hurdles...

As the preferred UK partner of Nordic Sport, we offer the ideal choices for high-end competition. With features that allow quick changes to the height and weight settings, which is necessary when time is of the essence.

This hurdle is manufactured from aluminium and is still the number one choice for many stadiums throughout the world. All 3 hurdles of our Nordic hurdles are IAAF certified and are manufactured to the high standards associated with Nordic Sport products.


Our range of ARH athletics hurdles...

Stadia Sports also stock the range of ARH Athletics hurdles which are widely considered the best all-round competition hurdles. The designer and manufacturer of the ARH hurdle who, for many years, worked as a consultant for the original Cantabrian, is arguably the best athletics engineer in the world. As a perfectionist, he would not let any product that didn't meet the highest of standards leave his workshop. Hence all of the ARH Athletic hurdles conform to IAAF and UKA requirements.


Stadia's training hurdles...

The unique training hurdles that we supply complement the ARH Athletics Competition Hurdle. They’re made with the same design and characteristics as the competition model although without the adjustable weights in the legs. This makes our hurdles slightly lighter to reduce the chances of injury and, with being available in different designs, are great for all uses. These include speed training hurdles, school hurdles and generic training hurdles. Stadia’s aliminium hurdles come in a flat pack of 5 for easy and 'cheaper' delivery.

We also offer a complete range of hurdle accessories and spare hurdle parts including hurdle trolleys, height gauges and hurdle top boards. We can also offer custom text on the top boards to personalise the hurdles. Browse the full range below.

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  1. Olympic Hurdle
    Olympic Hurdle
  2. Steel Training Hurdles
    Steel Training Hurdles
    From £66.50
  3. Schools Aluminium Hurdles - Pack of 5
    Schools Aluminium Hurdles - Pack of 5
    From £255.00
  4. Speed Training Hurdle ('W' Base)
    Speed Training Hurdle ('W' Base)
  5. Standard Hurdle Trolley
    Standard Hurdle Trolley
    From £308.00
  6. Heavy Duty Hurdle Trolley
    Heavy Duty Hurdle Trolley
    From £1,225.00
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