High Jump Stands & Laths

High jump stands are generally constructed of two key elements, these are a sturdy T section base and the upright. A slider is then added to each upright to adjust the height using ‘soft touch’ secure grips to adjust the height of the bar. All Stadia stands have an adjustable calibration.

Competition high jump stands..

Stadia offer two different competition stands which both comply with the standards set by the IAAF and the UKA. The key difference between the two competition stands is the height range. The stadium high jump stand is a top-level stand which goes up to 2.72m high. This is beyond a professional height standard, as the current world record stands at 2.45m. Our club high jump stand goes up to 2.35m high. This makes it ideal for school standard competition, whilst the stadium is best suited for professional standard athletics stadiums.

School high jump stands...

Alternative models with a cheaper price tag can be offered for use in PE lessons. These do not meet the IAAF and UKA standards but make a great high jump post for practice during school-based lessons. We supply our school high jump stands in a height range from 450mm to 1.82m.

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  1. High Jump Flexibar
    High Jump Flexibar
  2. Aluminium High Jump Lath
    Aluminium High Jump Lath
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    Fibreglass High Jump Lath
  4. High Jump Stands - Stadium
    High Jump Stands - Stadium
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    High Jump Stands - Schools
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    High Jump Stands - Club
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