High Jump Mats

High jump mats are an essential part of any high jump equipment. Stadia’s mats provide an excellent quality high jump landing area for a variety of different sporting abilities. Each one is constructed using a series of modules which are then covered by a spike resistant cover. The majority of our mats are made up of three modules which are 100mm shorter in height than the standard but have a 100mm thick, spike resistant, wear sheet. This resistant sheet is a great addition to any high jump landing mat as it allows for athletes to have spikes on their footwear in order to aid in their grip on the run-up, without damaging the landing mat after the jump has occurred.


High jump mats for competition...

Stadia’s competition high jump landing mats are available in three sizes. Each competition mat measures 6m x 4m x 0.7m making them suitable for international competition. Stadia’s range includes the Grand Prix high jump landing area and the Olympic high jump landing area, with both being IAAF approved. Our third competition mat, known as the Club high jump mat, is suitable for national competition and measures 5m x 3.2m x 0.65m making it perfect for those competing at a high-quality school level.


Schools which do not compete can choose our smaller mats which are preferred for PE lessons or school-based competitions. These are available in two sizes. Our school mats also have a total of seven modules rather than three, making them much easier to store than our competition mats.


As Stadia Sports are the preferred UK partner of Nordic Sport, a renown athletic brand, we supply two high jump mats from the Nordic range. This includes the Nordic Super Mat 4.0 which is to be used with the Nordic Elite high jump stand. The Nordic Super 4.0 bed can be purchased in either the standard bed made up of modules or as the new monocube single-piece mat. Browse them in the full high jump equipment range.

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