Athletics Hammer Throw Equipment

Stadia Sports are proud to be the preferred supplier of Nordic throwing hammers in the UK. As a key part of our athletics equipment, our range includes the finest competition hammers manufactured from either brass, stainless steel or turned iron. They’re available in all the competition weights including:7.26kg hammer, 6kg hammer, 5kg hammer, 4kg hammer, 3kg hammer.

Our hammers are manufactured to the highest standards making them perfect for use in both competition and training environments. The quality of our hammer throw equipment matches that of our Nordic Sport products to deliver athletes with the best hammers to match their ability.

All of our track & field hammers come complete with a handle and wire as standard and are held in stock at our main distribution centre in Staffordshire.

Our hammer throw equipment range also includes all the key accessories such as hammer gloves, spare handles and spare wires, plus trolleys and transporter carts. These help to ensure the hammers are safely transported from the storeroom to the trackside without injuring athletes. View our complete range of track and field hammers below.

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  1. Hammer Transporter
    Hammer Transporter
  2. Chalk Stand
    Chalk Stand
  3. Heavy Duty Hammer Trolley
    Heavy Duty Hammer Trolley
  4. Nordic Turned Iron Hammers
    Nordic Turned Iron Hammers
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  5. Nordic Replacement Hammer Wires
    Nordic Replacement Hammer Wires
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