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BS EN 16579 – Why, What, When & How?

BS EN 16579 2018 - What is the New Standard for Football Goals? The What, When, Why & How from Stadia Sports | New Safety Standard for Football Goals, Rugby Posts and Playing Fields

Why is there a new standard for football goals?

Previously, there were two separate standards for football goals:

  • BS EN 748 for 24’x8’ senior goal posts,
  • BS 8462 for small sizes.

However, you may notice that there is no ‘EN’ in front of 8462. That’s because BS 8462 is a British standard only, with other unique variations throughout Europe for a similar purpose. Therefore, a move was made to bring Europe under one standard. Hence BS 8462 was withdrawn and BS EN 16579 : 2018 published as a direct replacement in June 2018.


What is the new standard for football goals?

We’re looking at new changes in BS EN 16579 : 2018

There are many changes compared to BS 8462. Below we’ve listed a handful of the major points you need to know.


The new standard incorporates finger, head and neck entrapment warnings. They’re the same as those originally specified in BS EN 913 Gymnastics equipment, a standard which is referenced throughout BS EN 16579.

Good to know: This is also very similar to BS EN 1176 Playground Equipment.

The noticeable changes relating to entrapment rulings in BS EN 16579 2018 include:

  • Reduced mesh size; we’re reducing the mesh on our nets so that it’s now much safer. Our new mesh size for goal safety will be 95 mm², making it less likely to cause hand entrapment than the previous 120 mm² design.
  • A new set of wheels; we’re introducing a brand new wheel design for our wheel-away goals. This is based on the same principle as our previous design but is now much easier to operate, and meets the requirements of BS EN 16579.
  • Full coverage net clip system; goals traditionally have a gap or ‘channel’ at the rear which can create a risk of ringer entrapment. All our aluminium goals will have our new net clip system which completely covers any such gap.

BS EN 16579 2018 | New Safety Standard for football goals and rugby posts | Safety Standards for Playing Fields | Stadia Sports

Rugby posts

Did you know, there never used to be a safety standard for rugby posts? That’s why BS EN 16579 now covers rugby posts as well.

The inclusion of rugby posts in the new British standard for goals will allow greater control from a safety point of view. Until very recently, DIY goals were often a preferred solution as they didn’t need to be tested and offered a low cost solution. This posed a great risk for rugby players and spectators. But no longer!

All rugby goals must now be tested against the requirements of the new goal standard, BS EN 16579.


However well designed and well manufactured your goal is, a poor installation can compromise the safety of the entire pitch. Hence, the British safety standard now includes new minimum requirements for the foundations of socketed goals.

At Stadia, we’ve always given our advice for installation based on individual ground conditions. Of course, our experts will continue to do this!

In addition, we supply installation guidelines to specify the minimum foundations required for installation of football goal and rugby post sockets. We’re using the new safety standard to help make pitches safer, pushing back against poor installations.


When does the new safety standard for goals apply?

The new safety standard, BS EN 16579, has already been published. However, there is a period of time that we and all other manufacturers have in order to modify our goals to be compliant. After this, the testing laboratories also need time to ensure that they are qualified to complete the testing.

As the nation’s governing body for football, the Football Association has provided the industry with rough timescales as follows:

  1. Testing laboratories are to be ready to carry out the tests by the beginning of 2019.
  2. Manufacturers must submit all applicable goals for testing ideally by the end of the 2018/19 football season.*
  3. The FA has also confirmed that they consider goal posts that were supplied certified to BS 8462 to be ‘good’. Therefore they are not expecting buyers to replace all goals immediately.
  4. Come the end of the football season (or when the Football Association confirm that we can go live) any new applicable goals purchased from us will be fully certified to BS EN 16579.

*The FA has indicated that they may ‘move the goalposts’ and extend this period of time until manufacturers have the complete ranges tested. This is to allow buyers a greater choice of goals.

BS EN 16579 2018 | New Safety Standard for football goals and rugby posts | Safety Standards for Playing Fields | Stadia Sports


How can you ensure you buy goals which meet BS EN 16579?

Here at Stadia Sports, all sales advisers are fully trained to provide the best possible advice to our customers. Therefore we always aim to offer the very best product for its intended application.

Our entire existing range is certified where applicable to the currently accepted standards, including goals still certified to BS 8462. Therefore, as soon as the testing laboratories and the FA confirm that testing can commence, Stadia Sports intend to be at the front of the queue; all design work for the new standard will be complete and samples in production ready to go as soon as we’re permitted.

Remember, we will only sell goals following an independent test. This is to give our customers the confidence that Stadia Sports are a supplier you can trust to provide the right products, at the right price, ready for kick off.


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