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Why You Should Encourage PE this Academic Year

A commitment to encourage PE at school is a step forward for pupil development.

During term time, children are in an environment where they experience physical education at least once per week. PE is a key subject in the school curriculum, for more reasons than one. Though it’s often greeted with a marmite-style reaction, this great lesson holds plenty of benefits for children of all ages.

We have come a long way from when PE was once called ‘games’. Today it can involve anything from team sports up to dance or cheer training; this variety does wonders for levels of engagement and children’s confidence. Therefore at Stadia Sports we have equipment to cover all of the bases when you come to encourage PE at school.


Why should we encourage PE at school?

Physical education is more than simply running around for a one-hour lesson! PE lessons are usually planned by trained staff members to maximise the physical, mental and social benefits which come from increased physical activity.

Children who engage in regular physical activity are much more likely to have a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) than those who don’t. Having a higher BMI can increase the chances of developing harmful conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, sleep apnoea and many more.

By engaging in regular exercise, children can improve their cardiovascular health, resulting in an increased lung strength and capacity. On top of this, younger children in particular will benefit from regular exercise as it will help to improve muscle strength and bone development. This is essential in growing children.


Participation in PE lessons does have physical benefits for children…

…but it can benefit them academically and emotionally too!


Physical education is intrinsically linked to subjects such as biology. During stretches and certain exercises, pupils will learn about the different muscle groups as well as the names of the bones they use. Significantly, they will learn this through active participation. This will make it easier for children who learn kinaesthetically to remember, helping them to excel in certain subjects.

As well as incorporating elements of academic knowledge, PE can also help children just by encouraging activity. Studies have shown that children who have a higher participation in physical activity actually perform better in their lessons. This could be down to a number of factors. For example, the opportunity to release excess energy can result in improved focus upon return to the classroom.

Due to the interactive nature of the lessons, further benefits lie in the social aspects of PE. Children can develop and extend friendships within ongoing group tasks.

The benefits of group activities and team sports don’t stop there. They encourage children to develop skills such as co-operation, in addition to providing them with the self-confidence to take on leadership roles within those groups. Furthermore, playing in competitive sports can also help to improve a child’s social skills by teaching them about being gracious and courteous towards other competitors, whether they win or lose.


Stadia Sports PE equipment for schools.

At Stadia Sports we have a range of equipment which you can use to enhance a pupil’s PE experience. From football goal posts through to gymnastics equipment our range is suitable for all school ages and levels of experience. Pupils will genuinely enjoy going back to school and using fun, specially designed PE equipment.

Our PE equipment for schools range has various product packages which are perfect for encouraging sports at school. These packages are specially put together to enable a class of pupils to participate in school sports at a beginners level.

Here at Stadia Sports we want to so as many children as possible really enjoying PE at school. Why not start them off on the right foot? Introduce fun PE equipment to your gymnasium.

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