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Getting Your School Ready for Sports Day

When summer arrives it means there’s a long-standing tradition coming up on the horizon… Stadia Sports is ready to help you plan an inclusive day of fun for the whole school. That’s right, we’re sharing our sports day ideas!

Are you looking to improve upon last year? Wondering which sports have the broadest appeal and how you should prepare? Maybe you need to know how to deal with a spanner in the works!

Whatever your hopes for this year’s sports day, we’ve got plenty of advice for primary and secondary school activities.


Potential Problems - Stadia Sports

It sometimes seems that, as soon as you take pupils out of their normal routine, anything could happen! Therefore, it’s important to plan for all eventualities – or as many as you can!

Let’s take a look at the steps you can take to ensure sports day is a success.


Weather permitting…

Clement weather is far from guaranteed in the UK, so planning events can feel like something of a gamble. Our first piece of advice for sports day is to have an indoor plan.

This way the day can continue whether it’s too wet underfoot or even if it’s simply too hot outside. (Well… it could happen.)

You may want to devise two whole sets of activities. Alternatively, you may just concentrate on sports which you can easily adapt to a different setting.

Regardless, it’s important to take the weather into account when you first plan the day. With so many elements to consider, it would be impractical to change the date at the last minute.

Safety and prevention

Every school has meticulous ‘in case of emergency’ procedures. It’s vital to update these health & safety precautions to fit in with your sports day ideas. This may involve incorporating safe practise into the rules of your planned activities.

In addition to making sure your first aid kits are suitable for treating minor sporting injuries, it’s also highly important to focus on prevention.

This is another reason to set a single day and plan in advance. It’s vital everyone knows what sports they will be participating in in time to prepare; students may need to bring extra equipment or medication, and they will need time to consult parents.

If pupils finish a game early, they could become bored and more difficult to look after. This could therefore become a safety risk. To prevent this, make sure you plan for the minimum and the maximum amount of time each activity could take.

A great way to keep a large number of pupils engaged is to split the playing area into sections. Our Sportshall Division Net means you can keep track of multiple activities without compromising safety or the quality of the game.

Positive participation

You may have noticed something of a theme to our sports day ideas – we’re all about preparation! Not only will this make the day run more smoothly, it will increase participation and see everyone having more fun.

Once you have the day’s activities planned, you can begin incorporating them into PE lessons. This way, those who are less confident with sport won’t feel as daunted on the day.

Furthermore, briefing staff and students on the rules will avoid arguments; the more zealous participants will definitely benefit from this clarity! It also helps if you throw in some less serious events. This reminds everyone that small losses are hardly the end of the world!

To improve participation and enjoyment it’s particularly important to be inclusive. Try to encourage mixed age and ability teams, and make adjustments to the rules and equipment where necessary.

It’s also a good idea to introduce alternative challenges throughout the day. It can be surprisingly rewarding to be a lap counter or a timer for rounds when their team isn’t involved. So why not allow your pupils some responsibility here and there?


Sports Day Ideas for Primary and Secondary schools - Stadia Sports

Primary School Sports Day Ideas

Sports day classics include the three-legged race, the sack race, and the grand old tug-o-war finale, but that’s not all! There are heaps of activities suitable for primary school aged pupils. For example:

  • Obstacle courses and relays
  • Space hopper races
  • A hula hoop challenge
  • A mini-tennis tournament
  • Junior athletics including hurdles and javelin

It’s all about making the right modifications and picking the most enjoyable games.

Still stuck for ideas? Try introducing an imaginative element to races and challenges to really motivate your students! We recommend you explore First Play and Sportshall Athletics for KS1 & KS2 inspiration.


Secondary School Sports Day Ideas

Athletics Course

This is a traditional element of school sports days – and a surprising amount of these events can be enjoyed indoors! You could even organise a parallel set of athletics events for nominated individuals from each team. Your athletics course might feature:

Team Games

Emphasise the social side of sport by making sure everyone is involved! Team games are at the heart of school events, so let’s take a look at some sports day favourites:


 Plan a Winner This Year - Stadia Sports Day Ideas

Annual sports days are some of the most memorable moments from school – for better or for worse!

Here’s a summary of our sports day ideas and advice:

  • Pick a day and stick to it.

  • Make sure you plan the rules well in advance.

  • Prepare additional activities.

  • Keep everyone ‘in the loop’.

  • Focus on fun!