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Six Surprising Stats of Why Women’s Football Bodes Success!

Girls’ Football Week is national awareness campaign which aims to get more young girls involved in the nations favourite sport.

The campaign targets school aged children, telling them that if they love football, no matter what their age or gender they can get involved in a local sports team, and pursue those all important dreams. 

In honour of this campaign, we have decided to compile a list of six surprising statistics to show just how serious the sport is!  

Unfortunately, there are many facts out there which show the general public often don’t take women’s football seriously. Especially when compared to men’s football!

However, we’re starting to see things change.

So, take a look at our infographic, showcasing the great achievements and stepping stones happening in women’s football, right now!


You can see that with 96 teams in the FA women’s Premier League, there are lots of opportunities for you to join in.

Maybe you’ll join the 35,000 qualified female coaches, or work personally with the players as a development officer.

You might even become the next great defender like Casey Stoney! The potential for women to have a successful career in this sport, is huge.

Thanks to Girls’ Football Week, young women are beginning to realise how great women’s football actually is and so, it’s importance is growing.

Want to get involved?

Stoke City Ladies Striker, Kate Asher, is sharing her advice on how to get into playing women’s football