‘Why We Love…’ The Commonwealth Games

It’s nearly time for the Commonwealth Games! At Stadia Sports we’ve been counting down to the 4th April because we just can’t wait to see athletics back on our screens. However, track and field are not the only type of events we’ll be following in Australia. In fact there will be a whopping 275 events across some of our favourite sports. You can see the full list on the GC2018 website.

Why are we so excited for Gold Coast 2018?

  • Something Different

At Stadia Sports we are huge fans of the Olympic Games. However, when the Commonwealth Games come around every four years, we are all the more excited. With a different set of countries in the mix, and different players at the forefront, we see a different dynamic. New stars are born and smaller teams which may go unnoticed in other competitions will get their time to shine.

With over 6,000 athletes from 70 nations and territories taking part, Gold Coast 2018 is sure to be an immense source of inspiration for those who get to see their home team excel.

  • Shared Experience

Due to the circumstances under which the Commonwealth Games first started, there is heightened patriotic significance for each partaking team. Originally named the “British Empire Games”, the purpose of the event has shifted over the decades. Now that each nation and territory is self-governed, the games are about peace, goodwill, and championing achievement.

Every single person who is involved in Gold Coast 2018 is invited to “Share the Dream” and celebrate the feat it takes to participate. The focus now is patriotism, not patronage – this highlights not only the diversity, but the equality amongst competitors. This something which we believe should be at the heart of any sporting event.

  • Cultural Celebration

Alongside the sporting events, any Commonwealth Games should pay tribute to heritage. Gold Coast 2018 looks set to live up to this expectation.

We believe that the act of following a passion for sport is a way of celebrating who you are. This is why we think the Commonwealth Games are so important for championing that which makes us different. The Gold Coast organisers have stated their commitment to retaining the authenticity of their indigenous heritage. Therefore at Stadia Sports we look forward to the opportunity this will bring to learn more about the wider world.

Get Moving with the Commonwealth Games

If you find yourself inspired by feats from the 2018 Commonwealth Games, why not get started on your sporting journey? At Stadia Sports we produce excellent quality products to make sure you are fully equipped. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog for top tips on getting started.