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World Poetry Day 2018

It’s World Poetry Day at Stadia Sports,

So we’ve picked up our pen, and got off the courts.

We’ve written a poem, about the equipment we sell,

So we best get started, there is so much to tell.

There’s so many sports, and we have it all.

So let’s start with rugby and the oval shaped ball.

We’ve equipment that’s large, like posts for your field,

And some that is small, like the humble gum shield.

Next on to athletics where you hop, skip and run.

But so you know when to start, we’ve the loud starting gun.

Then it’s basketball, for which, we have a backboard.

Get ready, take aim, hit the corner, you’ve scored.

And talking of scoring, we have goal posts galore,

For the perfect game of football, where you’ll hear the crowd roar.

Finally it’s tennis, a game which takes nerve,

But more importantly the net, behind which you can serve.

Though there’s many more sports, we’ve run out of time.

And thus this concludes the Stadia Sports Rhyme.