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The Top Five Football Accessories!

Football is quite easily one of the most exciting sports in the world! Once upon a time all you would need to play was a ball and some jumpers. However, this great game has developed into something much bigger! Now, with almost every child playing football in either a local youth team or simply just at school you may want to buy all of the accessories which make this great game more fun, and more enjoyable for children of all ages. Just so that you buy the correct and best equipment for your children or your team, we have put together a list of the top five best football accessories!

  1. Footballs!

Though we might be starting off with an obvious one, it is essential that when you play football you have not just one ball, but a bag of top quality footballs to play with. At Stadia Sports we supply plenty of footballs. Most of our top quality footballs come as both a singular ball and in bags of either four or ten! This way if one gets burst or gets kicked away into a neighbouring field your game can continue undisturbed. Go ahead and check out our wide range of footballs.

  1. Pop Up Goals.

Football requires hours of training and in order to improve your skills you must practice regularly! That means that you should practice with a pair of goals rather than just a jumper or a marker/cone. We understand that training is normally done at home or in small halls and fields, and therefore a pop up goal is perfect for little ones to practice their penalties! Stadia have a range of both goals which can fit in your garden as well as pop up goals!

  1. Football Water Bottles.

Water bottles are a must have for both the training ground and the pitch! Having your own water bottle will ensure that you can stay hydrated throughout the entirety of a match. Football matches involve a lot of exercise! Therefore it is essential that you remain hydrated! Water bottles are also essential when training, and at Stadia Sports we have a wide range of water bottles in different colours and sizes!

  1. Little Grippers Socks!

Sports and training socks are another essential that often slip under the radar! These Little Grippers sports socks are the perfect addition to any football essential kit which you may have at home. Little Grippers socks have Stay on Technology which keeps them in place for an entire football match, meaning you don’t have to stop and pull them up. Ensuring that you can keep your full attention on scoring those goals! Not only that but they come in so many fun colours! Making them perfect for your little footballers!

  1. Football Bibs.

Another great accessory for football, especially youth teams and training purposes are football bibs! Bibs come in a range of colours and are a great and inexpensive way of being able to distinguish the difference between the two teams. These are great for school football matches where children will all be wearing the same colours! They can also be used for training purposes when smaller teams are made up using your own football team. They can also be worn by substitutes on match days!


At Stadia Sports we sell a wide range of football accessories which can be used on both game days and for training purposes. The above list is just a small look into the range of football based products which we sell, but buy grabbing these products you can begin to set up a great game of football!